— FAQ —


1.Q:How can I join the VIP Club?

   A:You can click “JOIN OUR VIP CLUB”,then Create an Account.Join our VIP list for new release promotions, discounts, sales and more!We keep your email confidential and the number of emails minimal!

2.Q:What isn’t covered by the warranty?
    A: ● Purchases from unauthorized resellers
           ● Improperly operated devices
           ● Lost or stolen products
           ● Free products
           ● Non quality-related issues (after 30 days of purchase)

3. Q:When does the warranty begin?
     A:It begins the day you place your order.
4. Q:Who are authorized Imarku Retailers and Resellers?
      A:Our major authorized Retailers and Resellers are imarku Kitchen ,SSUP and so on.For more information, please contact us at mark@imarku.net