-Cleaning Tips-


These knives can be cleaned in dishwasher no matter its handle is made bysynthetic material, stainless steel, orriveted holder.However, hand washing is the best way to clean knife.The simplest way to clean knife is to rinse

it directly in the flow of water with a little cleaner.Then let it drying in the wind and sunlight.If you still want to use dishwasher clean your knife, made sure it will not crash with other dinnerware,otherwise it may damaged blades.

We highly recommend“economic program”,use 55℃ water to clean it. 



  • 1.For best results, please choose different knife apply to different foods.

  • 2.Don’t use the knife unless chopper cut bones or other hard foods (such as fish bones, dried Herbs, frozen foods)

  • 3.Don’t use knife blade slap foods vigorously.

  • 4.Please use the premium knife under proper operation, because incorrect operation will damage your knife.

  •   For example, knife can not used as general tools (like screwdriver), knife can not placed on a hot surface (like stove).

  • 5.Please properly wash the knife after use, dried by cleaning cloth and put in ventilated place.

  • 6.Don’t let a long set ofacidic or caustic juice(such as tomato sauce or lemon juice) on knife to protect its rust resistant function.





Be careful while using the knife! Knife Set is so sharp that users must use it under the basic safety principles to avoid accidental injury.

1.Regularly sharpening: The sharp knife is safer than dull knife because you will save more time and effort on knife slipping when you using sharp knife to cut foods.

2.Available Knife: Please place your knife handle toward yourself to ensure its dropping accidents not happened.

3.Choose Proper Knife: Different knifes are used to cut different foods such as vegetables, meats, fishes, breads and cold dishes.?Please choose a knife with specialized function corresponding to different food ingredients.

4.Don’t try to catch a falling knife.?Otherwise it may cause serious injury.

5.Please store your knife on the place out of reach of kids.

6.Don’t place your knife near with heat source to avoid accidental burn injuries or cutting knife failure.

7.Attention: Do not use your fingers across the blade to test the sharpness of the knife.